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December Road Opener

Can you believe it? We've hit year 5 of the Healed by Tashi rebrand journey! I'm quietly celebrating this milestone, but it feels like a true full-circle moment. Healed by Tashi began as a sanctuary offering skin and womb services, and now, here we are, evolved into a Wholistic Spa Apothecary, with a buffet of healing modalities. Gratitude is overflowing, and I can't help but be proud and happy to embark on yet another new beginning. Each lesson has become a stepping stone to building something even more magnificent.

Welcome to Healed by Tashi, your haven for mind, body, and soul magic! I'm Tashi – a licensed Esthetician and Instructor, Doula/Birth Educator, Intuitive Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master, Herbalist, and a Yoga Teacher in training. Oh, and let's not forget, a proud mama of 4. I also steer two non-profit ships, dedicated to providing sustainable resources to families in underserved communities through community initiatives/events such as our Quarterly Community Baby Showers, Lego Club, Glow Girls, and the Healed Moms Collective. A Detroit native, now soaking up the Arizona vibes, and I'm thrilled to welcome you all into this magical space.

As we emerge from the eclipse season, it's the perfect moment to reflect, honor ourselves, and celebrate the victories of the past 12 months. So, let's dive into the alchemy of a December Road Opener. This ritual, born from my personal spiritual journey, is all about cleansing the energy of your home. It's a concoction of fruits, herbs, essential oils, and flowers, each carrying its own unique "healing" power. At the start of every month, I stir up this magical brew, cleanse the front and back of my home, sage the outside, renew my protection sigil, and blow cinnamon for that extra dash of prosperity.

What is a Road Opener? A Road Opener is a magical ritual designed to clear away obstacles, negative energies, and stagnant vibes from your living space. It's like a spiritual broom that sweeps away the dust of the past, creating a clean canvas for new opportunities and positive energies to flow. There's no strict rhyme or reason to it – the magic lies in your personal connection and intention.

December's Ingredients and Their Magical/Spiritual Properties:

  1. Cranberries: A protective force, cranberries shield against negativity, creating a space filled with love and positive energy.

  2. Orange Slices: Invoking abundance, oranges bring joy and positivity, setting the stage for prosperity and harmonious vibes.

  3. Star Anise: With sacred geometry, star anise symbolizes protection, allowing only good vibes to enter your sacred space.

  4. Clove: Clove purifies and protects, sweeping away lingering negativity and making room for fresh, vibrant energy.

  5. Oregano: Known for its purifying properties, oregano cleanses both the physical and spiritual, fostering a harmonious atmosphere.

  6. Fresh Carnelians: Infused with vitality and courage, fresh carnelians support your endeavors, bringing motivation and strength.

  7. Dried Roses: Representing love and harmony, dried roses infuse your space with a sense of peace and balance.

  8. Eucalyptus: Emitting a refreshing scent, eucalyptus clears stagnant energy, bringing healing vibes into your home.

  9. Florida Water: A timeless spiritual tool, Florida water attracts positive energy and purifies your space on a deeper level.

Ritual Steps:

  1. Prepare the Road Opener Brew:

    • Soft boil the magical mix, letting the ingredients dance in harmony. Feel the energies infusing into the water.

    • Strain the potion into a spray bottle and mason jars for later use.

  1. Cleansing and Setting Intentions:

    • Stand at the heart of your home. Sweep the front and back entrances, pouring the Road Opener brew with intention.

    • As you sweep and pour, set powerful intentions and prayers, releasing any lingering negativity.

  1. Sage the Exterior:

    • Sage the entire perimeter of your home. Let the fragrant smoke carry away any remaining negative energy.

  1. Draw Your Sigil:

    • Choose or create a sigil that resonates with you. Draw it at the entrance, amplifying the protective energy surrounding your space.

  1. Welcome Prosperity:

    • Replace your welcome mats, symbolizing a fresh start. Blow cinnamon inside and outside your home, inviting prosperity and abundance.

  1. Extra Protection:

    • Sprinkle salt around the doorways for that extra razzle-dazzle.

Closing Thoughts: Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all in kitchen magic. This ritual is about creating with what you have and what feels right for you. You're the magician, the creator of your own magic. So, get creative, trust your instincts, and let the magic flow.

Welcome to the Healed by Tashi family, and feel free to explore the OG blogs that delve into Zen (mind), Luna (spirit), and Harmony (body), the three components that make up the magical tapestry of Healed by Tashi. I'll catch you next month, until then, may your homes be filled with love, positivity, and the magic of December.


Peace, peace!!!

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