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Meet Luna

Luna noun (1)

plural -s

Definition of luna  (Entry 1 of 2) obsolete : silver as used in alchemy

luna noun (2)

lu·​na | \ ˈlünə \

plural -s

Definition of luna (Entry 2 of 2) Hawaii : FOREMANespecially : a foreman of a plantation

Who is Luna?

“Everything turns in circles and spirals with the cosmic heart until infinity. Everything has a vibration that spirals inward or outward — and everything turns together in the same direction at the same time. This vibration keeps going: it becomes born and expands or closes and destructs — only to repeat the cycle again in opposite current. Like a lotus, it opens or closes, dies and is born again. Such is also the story of the sun and moon, of me and you. Nothing truly dies. All energy simply transforms.”

Suzy Kassem

Luna, I can't express enough the importance of this component! Luna is here to teach you about cycles; life, death & rebirth! Luna is the connection to source, whatever that looks like for you! Luna is here to allow you to create your own Spiritual vibe!

Luna allows you, much like Zen, to mindfully self-check! Luna is about discovering self. WHO are you and what is your purpose?

The Luna Collection will include all things spirituality, tarot, astrology, magickal herbs, self love rituals, and so much more!

If you are interested in collaborating with Luna, please email with LUNA in the subject line to chat more!


Peace, peace!!!

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