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About our Chakra Tea Collection


The concept of Chakras evolved from the ancient spiritual systems of India and South America. Chakra, the ancient word for “wheel”, is an energy center, a vortex of radiant light and life force (also known as “Chi”) that is constantly turning and expanding. The Chakras are a very real part of your energetic anatomy.


The opening of the Chakras is a journey towards becoming your true self; a journey into a balanced life. It is a wholistic way of unfolding all the God-given potential that you have within you. 


There are seven major Chakra systems, each with its own distinct center of intense, concentrated energy. Each has a specific vibrational element, color, shape, sound, and influence, connecting the body, mind, and soul.


At birth, the Chakras are open, healthy, radiant, and full of vitality, unless there has been a birthing or prenatal trauma. As children grow and develop, the various levels of intensity of human interactions such as fear, rejection, failure, and physical or emotional traumas can cause the Chakras to close. By adulthood, they may be completely closed and if there is unbalance or disharmony, illness can begin. When a person buries a painful experience, the body begins to vibrate its energy sub-optimally.


Root Chakra- Grounding 

Sacral Chakra- Nuturing 

Solar Plexus- Confidence

Heart Chakra- Heart/Love

Throat Chakra- Communication/ Speaking of Truths 

Third Eye Chakra- Insight/ Trusting Intuition 

Crown Chakra- Balance of spiritual connecton/Clarity 


Set comes as 7 weeks of  individual Chakra blends. 


Chakra Tea Collection

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